Saturday, 25 January 2014

Leaving Cologne for Norway

Originally last year I had thought of going on tour in September, to the South, maybe France and/or Spain. However, in August I found myself free for a little less than three weeks and spontanously decided to spend this time with my motorcycle. The only question was: Where should I go? France in August, when there are holidays there? No. Ireland came into my mind... then Romania... and finally ... there it was: Norway was the place to go. Pure nature. That was just what I needed and was longing for.

Well, ok, Norway, starting from Cologne, isn't like just around the corner. So, I checked the ferries. Kiel - Oslo was by far too expensive. But then I found the Kiel - Gothenburg ferry, which was a lot cheaper and I decided for this one, though it meant a few hours drive through Sweden before reaching Norway from there.
 And how did the bike? A small inspection had to be made ​​before in view of the expected route. Oh, and the tires? Yes, fresh tires were needed. So, I called in the workshop and, yes, within two days everything was done Perfect, I was ready to go.
So on a hot Tuesday morning in August 2013 I left Cologne for Norway ...

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