Saturday, 25 January 2014

Going North ( Gudbrandsdal, Dovrefjell ... )

The next morning greeted me cold and then with a little drizzle, but this fortunately only started when I had already packed up my tent and was ready to leave.

It went northward, more or less at direct route through Eastern Norway, because my goal was, if possible, to cross the Arctic Circle and go as far as to the Vesterålen Islands to watch whales there. That was quite a distance to go, and at a total available time for this tour of about 2 1/2 weeks it simply ment that I had to leave out the lovely Southwest of Norway with all its spectacular fjords.
So it went through the Gudbrandsdal to the Dovrefjell (mountains). Years ago, I had been here once already in May. At that time there was snow in the Dovrefjell, it was cold and inhospitable and yet beautiful and impressive in a way that to me the picture today is still in the memory.

This time I was greeted by the Dovre with rain. I don't have any filming material of this anymore, because on my way north I ran out of memory cards and therefore had delete quite some pictures. So, if you ever go to Norway, take the double number of memory cards you think you need! Norway is just too beautiful and photogenic!

It was raining heavily. My original idea to stay south of the Dovrefjell in one of the small towns there I simply dropped. I had no desire at all to even stop there. So, I just rode on, hoping that the rain would stop somewhere. And so it happened.

Somewhere in the middle of Fjell it got brighter on the horizon, and finally it stopped raining.
I stopped and once dug my warm insulating layer for motorcycle clothes from the luggage roll, happy to find it kept dry. The motorcycle clothing I was wearing had remained dry inside, so now without any problems I could move in the insulating layer and soon I felt warm again and was able to enjoy the scenery.

Later I found a campsite, set up my tent still in dry conditions and called it a day.

I planned to make a musk ox safari in the Dovrefjell the next day, but at night it started raining again, and it rained and rained and... eventually it was no longer thinking of going on any safari, if I did not want to sink into the sodden ground.

So I didn't go on the musk ox safari, but continued riding north again...

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