Saturday, 25 January 2014

From the Arctic Circle to the Lofoten Islands

From the Arctic Circle I made ​​my way to the northwest, to Bodø, from where I wanted to take the ferry to Moskenes/Lofoten Islands.

Had the landscape been barren and treeless when crossing the Arctic Circle, this changed again very soon, and I found myself riding again through beautiful forested mountains.

However, after a while it started raining and immediatly cooled down. Fortunately, the rain did not last long and soon the sun came out again and with the wind helping to dry my clothing, I quickly felt warm again.

In a small town I took the chance to buy some more memory cards I was so desperately in need of. And a little later I reached the first foothills of the fjords, which reach deep into the country. The closer I got to Bodø, the denser the region was inhabited. However, no comparison to my home, where it's hard to find any real piece of nature and tranquility at all. Norway is just the opposite. Anyone looking for peace and pure nature will certainly find it here.

In the evening I reached Bodø and ferried across to the Lofoten Islands, where I pitched my tent and looked forward to exploring the Islands the next day.

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